Facebook Chat first went global on Windows Live Messenger a few weeks ago, having previously only been accessible in six regions.

In a windows team blog post, Microsoft explained that since Facebook Chat on Windows Live Messenger went worldwide, 2.5 million more people connected to Windows Live Messenger using their Facebook accounts, bringing the total number of Windows Messenger users to 20 million.

With the addition of Facebook chat alongside their own chat function, Hotmail considers they have got one over on their great rival.

“And while Gmail beat us to bringing their own chat into the inbox, we have now gone a step further and brought both our own chat and Facebook chat into your inbox. Starting now, we will be displaying notifications of this update in Hotmail,” the company said.

The company expects more people to connect with their Facebook account to Hotmail, with every three out of four Hotmail users having a Facebook account.

To try out the service, first connect your facebook account to Windows Live and check the “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger” box to give your consent to Facebook, then after the accounts have been linked you can start a chat by clicking on a contact.