Facebook was showing the love this Valentines Day – giving all its users a nice tight hug letting us all know we are safe and secure !
As we reported a few days ago, Facebook are starting to roll out encryption for user access. This means you will be getting the same kind of protection over your internet connection to Facebook, that you would see on your online banking web pages when you log on to those.
You should now notice the little padlock (either on your URL bar or in the bottom right hand corner of your browser depending on which one you use); displayed in your web browser whenever you access your Facebook profile or pages.

We noticed some of our personal accounts where set up for this earlier today. The first sign of this is you being asked to login to your Facebook account again.

When you login, you will start the new access tightening 3 step process…
  1. Confirm a name to give the computer you are logging in from and confirm email address
  2. Set up access from mobile internet
  3. Set up a security question and answer
During this you will notice that your connection is encrypted – the URL bar in your web browser will show https:// instead of the normal http:// prefix that most websites use. This tells you your session is encrypted and is now secure.