You will notice that on your profile, that the number shown next to the link to your photos & albums is larger than the amount of pictures of you have uploaded of yourself, or that the number changes sometimes. That’s because this figure shows the number of pictures you are tagged in, not necessarily only the pictures that you are in.

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself / your Facebook profile “disappear” from these pictures ?

You do have an element of power over the photos of you that are visible from your profile…

Facebook has removed the option allowing you to state that you can totally block any of your friends tagging you in photo’s or videos, but there are settings that allow you to monitor and remove them.

First, its a good idea to create a group that has limited privileges to see things on your wall etc. Lets say you create a group like this and call it “Careful“.

Now go to the setting options Account > Privacy Settings > Customise Settings will display this window:

This setting allows you to select which groups of people can see the photo’s and videos you are tagged in. As you can see, in the picture above, we’ve selected “Friends Only” and an exception for the group “Careful”. This means that only people you have become friends with (and not their friends that you are not friends with) can see your photo’s and videos except those friends you have placed in the group called “Careful”.

Ok, so this allows those people to tag you. Next you will want to know when someone tags you in a photo or video. Go to Account > Notifications. Now you will see a long list of options which you can check and uncheck. Scroll down to the section titled Photos.

Here is where you can choose to be notified, either by email or text message, if any of the selected actions occur. Even if you do not select any of these items, you will still see a note on your wall informing you if someone has commented or tagged you on a photo.

Now, if somebody has tagged you in a photo or video you can remove it. Simply go to that item and choose “Untag”. You can do this even if it a photo of you that one of your friends has uploaded to their album – so it is not one you own or control. Once you remove this tag, they cannot retag you in that photo or video again. But here is the clever part…

In some pictures, it is possible to tag people who you are not friends with. When you do this, Facebook creates a “dead tag”. This is a tag on that photo that does not link back to the tagged persons Facebook profile. If you are friends with that someone, you cannot deliberately create a “dead tag” to them using their actual name (as it is in Facebook). So, to prevent having many tagging pictures of yourself that you do not own – untag them when you are notified about them and keep the friendship with the owner. This then prevents them from retagging and linking to your profile. You can even place them in the “Careful” group you created earlier if you want to restrict what they can see and do but you still need to keep that friendship (for groups and chats etc).