FIRST THINGS FIRST THIS MORNING, if you use the business networking site linkedin, before you read any further – log in and change your password now.
Last night it was reported that an “encrypted” copy (actually a hashed version) of 6.5 million users passwords was posted on a Russian hacking site. Linkedin have been typically slow to respond and aren’t shedding any details as yet.

Its not know as yet if the usernames associated were taken along with the passwords. To take precautions in case they were, you should firstly change your linkedin password, and then if you used that same password on any other website / social networking platform – change it there too, especially if you had used the same email address or username on it.

For the more curious among you – you can check to see if your password was leaked in this security breach.
Whilst we accept no responsibility for the link below, if you do decide to try, make sure you change your linkedin password first before checking if your old one was compromised.

Check your old password here –

Have a great morning !