Had a Facebook account for a few years and not quite sure on what posts / pictures you have been tagged in (including all those messy ones in bars clubs and also the private ones your ex has probably uploaded of you out of spite) ?

Well, you can check these fairly easily from you main account dashboard.



Click Settings on the top right of your homepage and select Activity Log.

From here you are able to access the history of all your activity on Facebook, not just your pictures.

As you scroll down, you see that all pictures are listed by Month within each Year. Click on a photo and on the right hand side you can then choose if you want that visible on you your timeline or hidden so only you can see it. If the photo is abusive or offensive – you have an option to report the posting immediately to Facebook.

Be warned – if this is the first time you’ve done this or you have a ton of friends, going through all of these will probably take you a while !

Enjoy !