Many people follow a large amount of Twitter users, sometimes during a specific event (movie reviews, band gossip or an upcoming tv show) or sometimes to build a bigger and better Twitter profile. During or after this you might want to quieten down your timeline to cut out the random chatter without removing the few hundred users you took time to collect; or you might block seeing tweets from profiles you aren’t quite sure about just yet. Well Twitters’ “Mute Notifications From People” feature can help.

Just tap Settings and Privacy > Notifications > Advanced Filters

Mute Twitter Timeline

Here you can find options to mute people who haven’t followed you back, fresh / new accounts that have just been created. These are often scam accounts setup to post random links to catch users. Accounts that only have the Default Profile picture of an egg is also a hint of a new or fake profile.

Interestingly, you can also use Twitters internal account verification checks (that you don’t normally see) to mute suspicious accounts – like all accounts that haven’t confirmed their email address or their phone number. A really great feature !


Have Fun !