You know the scene, you’re out or working late and you are recording a tv show to watch later, brand new movie has just come out and you ABSOLUTELY don’t want to catch a glimpse of any spoilers at all… Well the mute settings on Twitter means you can cut all of these out and no longer have to worry about that new buzzing phone notification !

Just go to Settings and Privacy > Content Preferences > Muted > Muted Words > Addtwitter-mute-keywords

Here you can mute all kinds of words, phrases, hashtags and even user profiles. Even better is that you can select a timeframe for this too. So you can just cut the crap for a weekend or you can even mute hashtags or football scores for a few hours until you get to catch up on the game. Very useful if you want to mute the latest Trump swearword until all the news fuss and articles have died down – or maybe even mute all mentions certain words or phrases forever.

Have Fun !