Just in time for the weekend ( and #WorldPasswordDay ), Twitter announced that they detected a bug in their internal systems that protects users account passwords so internal staff cannot see them – this bug left all 330m+ passwords open to view inside the company.

As a precaution, Twitter Chief Technology Officer – Parag Agrawal advised users to change their account passwords and also on any other service they might have used that password on.

“Due to a bug, passwords were written to an internal log before completing the hashing process,” he explained. “We found this error ourselves, removed the passwords, and are implementing plans to prevent this bug from happening again.”

As good practice, its always sensible to setup “Login Verification” on your account. Many other services office a similar added layer of protection called “Two Factor Authentication”. This sends a secret code to either your mobile or email address so you can confirm that it’s really you that’s trying to login into your account. Set these up where you can.

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