Facebook is an internet based social network.

People can sign up for a free Facebook account and can then find and connect with other Facebook users (typically these tend to be friends and acquaintances that you would already now, old school friends, members of a social club or work colleagues for example).

Users upload comments and pictures to the service, often describing life events and experiences (births, marriages, birthdays), social or political commentary.

When users login – either on their pc, laptop, mobile phone or tablet – they can see the views, comments and posts that the friends that they found and connected with on Facebook have uploaded.

As many as 2.85 billion people use Facebook regularly each month, for many number of reasons.

Many like to share experiences and to keep in contact with long lost family and friends now living far away, some for a sense of community, to keep informed of news and events reported by members of the public and news services. Facebook also offers the ability to “message” your contacts – in much the same way you would from your phone sending a text/SMS message and also to have a live video call with your friends. A great many people use Facebook for these services alone as a way of keeping in contact with each other.

Facebook was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg in while he was at Harvard College.

Facebook Inc (the company) also owns a number of other businesses, the best known of these is WhatsApp and Instagram.