Top Holiday Scams & Security Tips To Avoid Them:

Beware the Selfie-Helper…

We’ve all been there, out with friends in a club or bar; we take a few pics and selfies here and there as the night goes on, a few with the bar staff a few with guys / girls at the table next to you and then in the queue for drinks.

Close to the end of the night after the drinks flowed, you all want a pic to remember the night, someone offers – or you ask someone who’s been close by all night to take one. But instead of sending in round to you all, someone wants a pic taken on their phone, then another of your gang wants one taken with theirs before you know it, everyones phones are being passed over to get the pics. Some phones are passed back, you look at the pics to see if they look right and before you know it, the friendly photographer has gone and so has one or two of your friends phones.

Its a classic scam. a team of guys, or girls will scope out possible victims in the bar and stick close to them through the night looking for opportunities to either crash a bar tab, tap a contactless payment card or steal a wallet / hand bag or a few phones. It happens every night.

When taking Selfies watch-out for the friendly, helpful (and usually attractive) passer-by who’ll offer to take a couple of pictures of your group for you. They usually come in three’s – while taking a few pics and passing the phone back for you to check, they pass one of the other phones to the third-man standing or walking behind. In the muddle and also after the drinks you’ve already had – they’ll be long gone before one of your realises that they haven’t got their phone back and the thieves are long gone.

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