Top Ten Holiday Scams & Security Tips To Avoid Them:

Scam 1:  Don’t Post Your ‘Tick Pics – Excited about receiving the tickets for your festival or your cheeky 1 week all-inclusive holiday in Marbella ? Don’t share pics of those tickets online! Scammers search social media platforms looking for images of plane tickets, gig & festival tickets to forge and sell on.

Scam 2:  Pack a Batt(ery) – Be careful when using USB sockets to charge your phone. In some airports, clubs and bars the public power sockets can be hacked by scammers to extract data from personal devices when they are innocently plugged in for a charge. Always try to carry a portable phone battery with you

Scam 3: Beware the Selfie-Helper – When taking Selfies watchout for the friendly, helpful (and usually attractive) passer-by who’ll offer to take a couple of pictures for you. They usually come in three’s – they pass one phone to the third-man passing behind

Scam 4: I spy free wifi – Not all wifi networks are safe to use. Insecure networks (not just the ones which are free) can spy on posts, texts, usernames and passwords you use while connected to them.

Scam 5: The Chat-Up – Eyes meet across a crowded bar… The chat starts, you friend on Facebook, drinks flow and you get to know each other better. After connecting on Facebook, the hot guy or girl you are chatting to will start to get to know you better – asking where you went to school, favourite football team, trying the “porn name” line (where you use your first pets name and your mother’s maiden name). Its all cheeky chat right ? WRONG. In-between the drinks, all those cheeky quirky questions are trying to get the answers to most security questions that are used by, Facebook, Google, your phone networks and your banks.

Scam 6: Texts, Texts, Texts – Things are going great, a few messages back and forth they send over a few links to videos, memes one or two in the middle didn’t work but then they send over some more and alls good. In the middle of all that, the links that didn’t work were links to malicious websites that will try to infect your phone, tablet or laptop

Scam 7: Nothin wrong with a little Bump & Grind – If it seems too good to be true, that sexy him/her passes by and gets a little handsy before giving you the eye and walking on. Yup, you check to see if your phone, wallet/purse is still there and phew. But what you haven’t realised is that you been “Bumped” with an NFC scanner to catch details from your phone or your contactless bank cards

Scam 8: Don’t download that app – Groups chatting and laughing “ohh you gotta download this app”. Mostly these will be malicious android apps extracting your data from your phone, including your address book and private pictures

Scam 9: Texts & Sexts – You know whats gonna happen to those pics you were asked for. Just don’t be surprised when they are passed around and the rest of the people around the pool are sharing them too within hours

Scam 10: Blackmail & Sextortion – After getting the background on you and some compromising pictures; scammers pass this info onto other thieves / criminal groups who  have been known to threaten to send the pics to family or all your Facebook friends if you don’t either send them more – or pay up