Top Scams & Security Tips To Avoid Them:

Your eyes meet across a crowded bar…

The chat starts, “where’re you from”, you friend on Facebook, drinks flow and you get to know each other better. After connecting on Facebook, the hot guy or girl you are chatting to will start to get to know you better – asking where you went to school, favourite football team, trying the “porn name” line (where you use your first pets name and your mother’s maiden name). Its all cheeky, funny chat right ? Have I finally found someone who gets me, REALLY gets me ?


In between the drinks, all the smiles, those cute cheeky quirky questions – they have actually been hacking YOU.

Not hacking your phone or hacking your accounts (just yet), all those seemingly innocent questions are forms of social engineering – trying to get the answers to most of the security questions that are used by, Facebook, Google, your phone networks and your banks. Most people wouldn’t realise that at first but keeping your wits about you while flirting is alway a smart idea.

How To Stay Safe

The best way to avoid being caught like this is and by many other similar forms of social engineering scams, is by not actually answering the security questions normally in the first place.

When companies ask you for the answers to these questions, they are merely looking for the answers you gave when you set the account up. When you are asked what school you went to or what your mothers maiden name is, they don’t actually want to know that – they just want the answer you originally gave.

This means that you can be entirely creative when setting up the answer – just as long as you remember the answer ! So for example – your answers could look like this:

  • Name of Your First Pet = JFK Airport
  • Mothers Maiden Name = Mark Zuckerberg
  • What School Did You Go To = T-Bone Steak


Be creative and don’t make them obvious answers to the questions; as long as you know what they are then its all ok. As long as you never tell anyone what the are !

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