The Android release of the unbelievably popular game Fortnite has raised security concerns as Epic Games (the developers) look to sidestep the security of the Google Play store, publishing the game directly from themselves forcing users to lower the security settings on their devices to install it on their devices. Epic have taken the steps to avoid the 30% commission charged by Google for paid downloads from their platform.

Now the reason why this is important it that removes the (admittedly low) security controls Google has deployed in its Google Play Store infrastructure, placing the burden of this solely on the game developer.

To be able to download the game directly, users will have to lower the security settings on their devices to allow apps to be installed from unknown sources. This means that users could be tricked into visiting fake Fortnite download sites for the game / bolt-ons or companion games etc that would not have code malware checks performed by Google, potentially placing millions of gamers at risk – not only apps relating directly to Fortnite, but also for other apps if users fail to go back and change this (however game updates will most certainly need this setting to be activated).

Add all of this to the poor and fragmented stated of Android OS security updates by phone manufacturers, it doesn’t help keep you secure.