Friends can be worse than enemies. 

Do you have a friend who is always on their phone, tweeting this, insta that, whatsapp groups with mutual friends, facebooking selfies, IM’ing pics of the bar you’re in, pinning the next bar or foursquaring the pre-drinks at YOUR apartment. All these are nearly excusable, except they are also the kind of friend who doesn’t know anything about updating their apps, phones operating system or that using your birthday as their 4 digit PIN is not a great idea. 

But thats just the way they are right ? Cute and a little scatty.

Unfortunately that puts you in a difficult situation. 

If that friend opens a random link sent over whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter that then hacks their unsecured phone. This will means that a hacker could then gain access to all their data and potentially all their accounts accessed from their phone. Just imagine… That could be :

  • address book  – access to all their friends, family, co-workers – names, birthdays, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, possibly friends bank account numbers (if they ever had to pay for parts of a holiday trip, meal or birthday presents etc. Scammers can sell these details to fraudsters who then commit identity theft or credit/bank fraud
  • photos – of you, them, family & friends; either at home, partying and doing things you’d rather not have posted on the next Fappening
  • access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp – so hackers can then send Messenger messages to all their contacts that look innocent enough and appear to come from your friend, but actually contain malicious links to compromise and hack the readers devices or just plague you with spam or abuse messages
  • access to email – again to send emails containing malicious links to everyone in their address book to look like it has been sent from your friend, convincing other friends to open the messages and links. All of that and adding your email address to lists that are then sold to spammers and used across the world for years
  • access to text messages – hackers would have access to all message threads which they could used to blackmail your friend
  • access to LinkedIn – hackers could gain access to email addresses and work CV’s of all those contacts too
  • access to their calendar – all work, social and hospital appointments (possibly medical test results) 

Thats a whole world of hurt and a nightmare for them to clean up – but also the damage it can cause you because they don’t take security seriously enough to protect information they have about you.