UK airline British Airways has revealed that it was the victim of a massive sophisticated data breach that harvested the payment card details of over 380,000 passengers.

Company:British Airways
Number Impacted:380,000
Breach Period:21 Aug 2018 -> 5 Sept 2018
Region Impacted:Global
Breached Data:– Full Names
– Home Address
– Email Address
– Credit Card Number
– Credit Card Exp Dates
– Credit Card CVV
– BA Account Usernames
– BA Account Passwords

The hack took place over 16 days between 20th August – 5th September 2018, impacting users accessing BA’s website and mobile apps. BA are advising customers to contact their banks and to be observant of any suspicious activities on their credit cards. They have stated that they will fully reimburse any customers who are financially impacted by this breach.