Gab, the “free speech social media platform” used by people like Robert Bowers; the suspect in Pittsburgh’s synagogue shooting – is losing support.

PayPal has banned Gab, while hosting company Joyent has reportedly given the site until Monday, Oct. 29 to find a new home. Stripe, another well-known online payment service, is also apparently in the process of severing its relationship with the site. 


PayPal issued a statement confirming the action – 

“PayPal has been closely monitoring Gab and was in the process of canceling the site’s account before the tragic events occurred”


Gab hasn’t been short of criticizm – last year it’s Android app was booted off the Play Store (needless to say it has never been allowed on the Apple AppStore)

Breaking news: Google has removed Gab’s Android app from the Google Play Store for “hate speech.”

— Gab (@getongab) August 17, 2017