A new tech support scam pretending to be from McAfee was discovered last week that is harvesting credit card details and personal information of its victims.

The scam works via browser popup that indicates your McAfee subscription has expired. A “Renew” button on the page opens a dialogue box to enter credit card details, then secondly personal (billing) details.

After this, takes the victim is directed through to a “Thank You” page displaying a phone number for you to call to complete the installation.

They then request that they remotely connect to your computer in order to assist in install your software. Once connected, though, they state that the credit card information did not go through and that you need to purchase the software through McAfee’s site. They would then open a browser and connect to what appeared to be an affiliate URL.

The scammers harvest your credit card details on the first purchase attempt – then redirect you to an affiliate account to then gain commission off your legitimate purchase.

(Story reported over at Bleeping).