The weekend is upon us and the world is losing its mind trying to pick up deals over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend.

This also means there is a step up in scams also trying to grab your attention too.

Fake Apps

Beware of fake deals apps or quirky Black Friday apps appearing to come from reputable store and brands. These apps will likely promise you heavy discounts or a way to sign up to get coupons or vouchers.
A lot of scammers will launch fake apps with one main priority – prompting shoppers to unwittingly download malware. Many of those fake apps mimic major retailers, using similar logos and brand names (typically they’re only off by a letter or special character).

If temptation gets to be too much for you – before downloading a new app:

  • Check for any grammatical errors
  • Don’t allow access to your location or social media profiles
  • Only download from a verified company or source you trust (Google Play Store / Apple Store)
  • Search online to view reviews of the app