A mother who turned her one-year-old son into a social media “influencer” has tried to defend her actions out after facing backlash for using the baby as a “revenue tool”.

Stacey Woodhams from Brentwood, Essex, runs the Instagram page for her little boy, Ralphie, which has 15,000 followers.
Pictures of the perfect-looking baby can earn the family hundreds of pounds in sponsorships, and the family has managed to accumulate £10,000 worth of freebies including his clothes, bedroom furniture and days out using the account.
She has even banned family members from sharing photographs of Ralphie on social media, in case they interfere with his brand.


Woodhams said “It sounds awful referring to him as a brand because he is a human and a child but essentially, the name that we have created is a business.” 


“What I do doesn’t define me as a mum and people should think carefully before commenting as suicide happens because of online trolls,” she explained. “They’re factoring into that pool of online abuse and it’s just nasty and could be detrimental if the receiving person wasn’t in the right frame of mind.”

What are your thoughts ? Would you or have you used your kids to create a social media brand ?

There have been situations in the past where excessive publicity and use of minors has lead to incredible amounts of hate-mail, threats and in rare cases; kidnappings. The unintended consequences of over promotion on social media platforms is always easy to find, so the controversial use of children will always draw negative fire from unstable corners of the internet.