Arby’s is the latest brand to jump on the subscription box wagon. What’s in the box may surprise you, although it is not what you expected.

Subscription box are probably one of the biggest trends these days. You can get pretty much anything from them: clothes, music, cosmetics, food,… really, anything. And of course, brands have had a tendency to jump on this opportunity. But when Arby’s – America’s favorite meat sandwiches restaurant chain –  launches its own subscription box, it may come as a surprise.

What do you get in an Arby’s subscription box? Sandwiches? Meats? No, not even close. Branded swag is what you get. Don’t be disappointed, the box sold out within less than an hour.

The launch was announced via Twitter. “Arby’s of the Month, is the brand’s way of giving back to its fans in a fun an unique way by providing them with the Arby’s branded merchandise they didn’t know they wanted,” Jim Taylor, Arby’s CMO, explained. The box was designed by Fallon, Arby’s long time agency partner.

You may have expected a monthly subscription of meat sandwiches. But don’t be disappointed. It seems Arby’s got it right: the box is already sold out. For a one-time $25 fee – for 6 months of Arby’s swag delivered to you monthly – it is not a surprise.

Each monthly box will be tailored to the current season. The first one was designed to keep fans warm with a red and white Arby’s pompom hat, a branded bacon scarf, a dining tray and a set of temporary sandwich tattoos.

There also is a note from the “head of sandwiches” that tells the lucky subscribers to throw away all of their other apparel, because “you’ve got five more months worth of boxes coming your way.”

It seems, as Arby’s stated, that fans were really looking forward to branded swag from their favorite meat sandwich restaurant….

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