It looks like Snapchat is pondering a new angle to attract attention; making public snaps become permanent.

Thats right.

Snapchat, which rose to prominence primarily as a sexting app (because users could share content with each other fairly anonymously, knowing it would disappear in a few seconds) is now thinking of changing the deletion time period for public posts so they could well remain visible permanently. Currently, public stories stay viewable for 90 days.

Reports say the consideration comes after feedback from Snapchat’s partnerships with news discovery platforms, who say the disappearing Stories made it harder for media companies to work with breaking news content on Snapchat.

Times have changed since Snapchat launched in 2011, its parent company floated on the US stock exchange in 2017 but shares have dropped around 60% to date. It’s eagerly looking to try and regain ground from Instagram; the primary image sharing app thats owned by Facebook.