Yubo – Keep Your Teenager Safe:

  • Talk to them– make sure they know how to stay safe online, don’t be embarrassed to talk about inappropriate online content and look out for secretive/reserved behaviour when it comes to their devices
  • Look at the Yubo guidelines– there’s one for users and one for parents as well
  • Remove the location feature– in the profile settings children can hide their city and choose to only connect with people who are located locally to them
  • Proof of age– the app is advised for user 18 years + but teens between 13 and 17 can make a profile with their parents permission, if you try to change your age after signing up you have to provide proof of ID
  • Encourage respect- remind your teenager to always consider anything they are about to share online and to think about whether they would do that in ‘the real world’ or whether they are posting something they may regret later on, encourage them to think about the language they use online and to think carefully before making a comment on content posted by someone else.

Yubo has attracted a lot of attention recently after rebranding itself from Yellow, not all of that attention good. The platform touts itself as a friendship app to meet & connect with people all over the world. However, many privacy concerns have been raised over the app and its focus on connecting children as young as 13.

Links to Yubo’s Privacy Guides: