Keep your child safe online.

Yubo, a teen focused app that encourages children to rate, chat and send pics & videos to other users, has attracted a lot of attention from teens and the media.

It’s been called Tinder for Teens, because of its ease of interaction with other users based solely on liking a profile picture.

The French app Yubo, which has rebranded itself from the name Yellow has been looking to attract more users. But it could well be attracting sexual predators instead. The default privacy settings are to show your city and phone number to friends. If a profile is created without a real picture of a person/face it can be blocked within a week, since that violates it’s Community Guidelines. But that gives predators a week to interact with children. Also, we all know that uploading a fake profile picture isn’t difficult either.

It encourages Snapchat: Yellow is linked to photo-sharing app Snapchat. As soon as two users swipe to accept each other, they are automatically added as “friends” on Snapchat, meaning they can begin sending each other photos right away — even if they don’t know each other.

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