As the end of the year inches closer, it’s time to find your Top Nine Instagram moments from 2019 and share as an image, video, or Story.

So, you’ve reached that time of the year again – perfect for looking back on what has happened, what you’ve been listening to, what you’ve been watching – and what you’ve been posting, too.

So, what better way to look back on your Instagram exploits than the annual Top Nine grid?

Yup, the grid is back, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. This year, you can share your Top Nine as an image, video, Instagram Story, and more. The developers behind Top Nine say they have “focused on video and story templates” this year, with videos and Stories-sharing only available in the mobile app on iOS or Android.

Please do note, however, that video templates are only available on iOS for the time being.

If all you want to do is download the usual Top Nine grid, all you have to do is go to, enter your Instagram username and email. You can then download your Top Nine grid as a 1080×1920-pixel image, including the grid itself and the number of likes received by your account in 2019. You can then just upload it wherever you want as it is – or crop it.

The desktop version doesn’t support video, but you can download the mobile app, and use it to generate and share a video of your Top Nine posts for 2019.

Don’t expect a perfect experience as this is still a work in progress. As Beta Labs, the company behind Top Nine, explains, “We still have a lot to polish, as the app still has a few rough edges. We’ll release new updates in the next few days fixing many details, improving designs, and including new video templates.”

Ready to review your year? Or would you rather not?

Get yours here.

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