The Unicode Consortium has revealed a list of 117 new Emoji that will be introduced later this year as part of Emoji 13.0.

117, that is the number of new Emoji that will be introduced in 2020. There are 62 new Emoji (wait until you see how cute the new black cat Emoji is) and 55 new gender and skin tone variants, with many more gender-inclusive options.

It would be too long to list all 117 new Emoji, but I can tell you that my favorites include the smiling face with a tear, the “Italian” hand, Bubble tea and the Ninja. Of course, there also is a cockroach, a face with fake mustache and glasses, a dodo and organs (yes, you read that right.)

Probably the most important part of this update is that it makes Emoji more inclusive than ever, with more skin tones, more gender options, the transgender flag, and all-around inclusivity.

If you think there is a gap somewhere, an Emoji that still does not exist, you can submit a proposal. The Verge wrote a great piece on how to design and submit your proposal for a new Emoji. Check it out here.

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