With the recent rumours of the Houseparty being hacked, many people are rushing to delete the app; but are not quite thinking that they also need to delete their account too.

Here’s how to do both in the right order:

Send an email to support@houseparty.com

In the subject line, type Delete My Account.

In the email body, list:

  • Your full name
  • Email Address
  • Houseparty App Username
  • Your phone number

Once the Houseparty support team has completed your request, they’ll email you back confirming that the account has been deleted.

Now, in the Houseparty app go to:

User > Settings > Privacy > Delete Account

The app will ask for your password and then confirm you really want to delete the account.

When all that is done, you can go back to the homes home screen and delete the app in the normal way.