Miss working at the office? This website will generate some office noise for you, as you try your best to focus while working from home.

Working from home does have its benefits, but many people have already grown tired of it – especially because of the sense of social isolation that it brings. Although I’ve worked exclusively from home for the last four years or so, I can understand how they feel; working in an office can be a big part of people’s social lives.

The COVID-19 situation has pretty much guaranteed that most people won’t be setting foot in an office anytime soon, so if you’re looking to at least remember what it’s like, here’s the solution: imisstheoffice.eu.

The website will generate pre-recorded ambient sounds that will make you think you’re sitting in an office somewhere, with (real) people, annoying ringing phones, squeaky chairs and desks, and… even a ping pong match!

All you have to do, of course, is close your eyes and listen.

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The website is interactive, so you can turn on the ambient noise and then add different specific elements to the mix – a printer, a watercooler, some ringing phones, someone typing loudly on a keyboard, and more.

Yup, it’s pretty much all there to turn up your nostalgia.

Hey, you can even increase the number of colleagues present if you’re feeling extra lonely.

imisstheoffice.eu is a #WFH project by Kids Creative Agency.

Pretty cool, guys. 😉

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