Snapchat is introducing new Astrology features that will let you create your own Astrological Profile and see shared Astrological Compatibility with your friends. 

If you’re wondering how well your and your friends’ stars align, Snapchat will help you find out. In its effort to give users more ways to interact with each other on its platform, Snapchat is rolling out a new set of Astrology features.

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Described as a way to “help you celebrate your relationships, strike up conversations, and bond with your friends in a whole new way,” the new features let you go “far beyond what you see in a daily horoscope” by creating your personal Astrological Profile and seeing shared Astrological Compatibility with your friends.

Begin by filling out your birth time and location, and you will get to see your personality traits, signs, houses, and planetary alignments. Next, go to your Friendship Profiles with your friends to see how your traits and personality compare to theirs in areas like Attraction, Intensity, Tension, Support, and Harmony.

You can also easily download your personal charts to your device to share with others on Stories or any other social platform.

Snapchat’s Astrology feature is now available globally for Android and iOS users in English.

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