Fortnite has announced the Short Nite Film Festival with screenings for 24 hours on Party Royale’s Big Screen. 

Fortnite is organizing another virtual event – this time its own film festival. The Short Nite Film Festival is scheduled to run from 2 PM ET on February 20 to 2 PM ET on February 21, 2021 – letting players catch a collection of film shorts in Party Royale (Fortnite’s non-violent area).

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Fortnite’s Short Nite will screen 11 acclaimed animated short films that will last around 30 minutes and repeat non-stop for 24 hours, so you definitely won’t miss it if you want to watch something. The animated shorts come from all around the world, and some have even been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

To take part, you won’t need a movie ticket. All you have to do is jump into Party Royale and follow this guide to get to the Big Screen, where videos will be screened. You will also be given a choice to watch Short Nite in standard Battle Royale via Picture-in-Picture.

This option will be available at the start of Short Nite and every two hours afterward.

Especially for the event, on the day before Short Nite – February 19, 2021, at 7 PM ET – a new Jumbo Popcorn Emote will be available in the Item Shop.

If you need subtitles for a film, they will be available in a variety of languages. To watch with subtitles, all you have to do is enable them in the Audio Settings. Creators can invite their fans there live, as there is no recording allowed. To protect the content, streams or VODs of these films will go dark.

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