Face-swapping video app Reface is launching a new Swap Animation feature that lets you animate any picture with your face. 

Reface is moving beyond selfies and expanding the type of content that you can upload and have its AI animate with a new ‘Swap Animation’ feature in its app.

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The new feature will let you upload images of anything resembling a human – whether it’s a statue, a painting, or a meme – and let the app animate it with a choice of songs and poems.

Up until now, users on iOS and Android can only face swap with a specific collection of bits from movies and music videos, memes, GIFs, and more – and not with whatever they choose to upload.

How to use Swap Animation on Reface

  1. Tap the plus (+) button
  2. Choose “Animate Image”
  3. Select any image you want to animate – you can use your own pictures as well.
  4. Select the animation you want to use

Reface has been careful to expand its features over time, taking a cautious approach – and actively moderating content that its users can upload.

However, the new feature increases the creative possibilities that users will have on the app, allowing them to add more source material to the mix.

Any picture in the app can now also be animated, giving users a lot more to work with.

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