Snapchat is looking to provide more guidance for brands seeking to maximize their Snap ad performance with a new element called ‘Campaign Lab‘, available within Snap Ads Manager, which will enable marketers to run split tests, view full results, and get recommendations on next steps.

Snapchat Campaign Lab

As you can see here, the new Campaign Lab provides access to all of Snapchat’s various split testing options and tools, with separate screens for testing and results.

As explained by Snapchat:

“[Campgin Lab] includes actions, insights, and learning agendas to help you understand where to start your tests, form hypotheses, identify what’s working, and take action accordingly to inform your campaign strategy.”

Users can access Campaign Lab from the ‘Analyze’ section of the Snapchat Ads Manager navigation menu, which will take you through to the main screen (above). The main window will also display a listing of recommendations based on previous tests as to what steps to take next.

Within the Results listings, you’ll also be able to see more in-depth data on each of your tests, helping to refine your focus. 

Snapchat Campaign Lab

While you’ll also be guided towards next steps based on that data, making it easier to understand the best approaches.

Snapchat Campaign Lab

It could be a handy tool for refining your creative assets, which is probably particularly helpful on Snapchat, where winning creative is key to holding audience attention.

I mean, creative is critically important on all platforms, but with Snapchat’s more specific focus on connecting friends, your ads really need to blend into that experience, much like TikTok, or users will simply move on. The more organic, the better in many cases.

But you can now find that out for yourself, with every experiment helping to up your Snap Ads knowledge, and refine your approach to the platform, and maximize your campaign spend.

Campaign Lab is available in Snap Ads Manager from today.

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