Clubhouse has finally opened its doors to everyone else on the internet.

When Clubhouse launched, their app was only available in the iOS app store but access to the platform relied on an invite-only referral, so that they could volume test the features with live users and iron out bugs… and quite importantly – to build up a bit of a buzz about the platform.

The main reason Clubhouse has managed to generate that buzz is in part due to how different it was from other social networks. On the platform, interaction by voice. Users would listen to the main points and respond vocally. This makes it somewhat harder (but not impossible) to remain anonymous.

That’s now lifted and today, everyone can join without an invite.

In a blog post, Clubhouse said: “The invite system has been an important part of our early history. By adding people in waves, welcoming new faces each week in our Wednesday Orientations, and talking with the community each Sunday in Town Hall, we’ve been able to grow Clubhouse in a measured way, and (mostly 😬 ) keep things from breaking as we’ve scaled.”


We wait to see how long the trolls and acidic content take to arrive. But right now you too can download the iOS & Android app and start Clubhousing !