Pinterest’s Inclusive Product team, formed to bring cross-functional thinking to fairness in AI and product development, worked with BIPOC creators and Pinners like Editorial Hair Stylist and Global Artistic Director of Amika, Naeemah LaFond to help build and design the product. A champion for diverse hair representation, LaFond advised on the overall user experience and language used in the product.

Hair pattern search is available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and on iOS and Android and will roll out to international markets over the coming months.


*Pinterest Internal Data, Global, July 2021

**Total searches during the four week period of 6/21/21 – 7/21/21 containing the word “hair”; Pinterest internal data, global.

***Pinterest internal data, Global, June-July 2021 vs June-July 2020; Global.

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