Twitter is moving to the next stage in integrating newsletter platform Revue into its systems with the addition of a new button on Revue creators’ Twitter profiles that enables people to sign up for their newsletter direct from the app.

As you can see here, all Revue creators can now implement a newsletter panel on their Twitter profile, with a prominent ‘Subscribe’ CTA.

As explained by Revue:

Revue makes it free and easy for anyone to start and publish newsletters, so we want to make it just as easy to turn your Twitter followers into subscribers. The test group will be able to use the feature on Android and web, with iOS to follow soon.”

Twitter launched an initial test of the option back in June with select Revue creators, the first significant integration step after acquiring Revue in January this year. The acquisition itself is part of Twitter’s broader push to add in more creator monetization options, in an effort to boost platform usage. Twitter’s also working on its ‘Super Follow‘ creator subscription options, as well as on-profile tipping and ticketed Spaces, among other new direct revenue-generation projects for users. 

The integration of Revue will essentially provide Twitter users with a means to build their communities, and promote their expanded content offerings directly on the platform.

The new panel also points to Twitter’s development of additional business tools, which will eventually enable brands to showcase various product and contact info elements on their tweet presence.

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Given that’s it’s been in testing for some time, it’s not a major announcement, but it is another step in Twitter’s broader evolution as a creator promotion tool.

Will that get more creators to use Twitter more often? It’s hard to say, though it is worth noting that Twitter has traditionally not been a great driver of referral traffic for most websites, which could suggest that this won’t become a major access point for newsletters either.

But it’s another connection tool, which could help boost take-up, with Revue users now given another avenue to entice readers across. 

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