Reddit’s looking to maximize its usage in the UK with the launch of a new ad campaign, while it’s also revealed some new insights into UK usage trends, providing more context as to where the app is seeing its biggest growth.

As explained by Reddit:

It’s been 12 months since Reddit officially opened its doors in the UK, and we have many reasons to be proud of our achievements in this short time. From building out our team on the ground and scaling our local user base, to significantly growing our active advertisers, we’ve solidified a meaningful presence in the country and are just getting started.”

As noted, Reddit opened its UK office in September last year, as part of its broader push to maximize ad sales in more markets. Reddit has since opened offices in Australia and Canada as well, giving it a broader local presence, as it looks to promote its various ad offerings to a wider breadth of potential ad partners.

And the UK is a key part of this, because as Reddit notes, the region is home to its second-largest user base, and is currently growing at a rate of 48% year over year.

“Reddit users in the UK spend an average of 31 minutes on the platform each day, and like most of our users globally, our UK audience brings a wide variety of passions and interests to the platform every day. Country-specific communities have seen the most rapid growth in membership since our launch, with r/askuk increasing by +97% and r/casualuk increasing by +36% to 861,000 members.”

Reddit also notes that communities based on reality TV shows have also been on the rise among its UK audience, while video gaming, life advice, news and travel are also popular among UK Reddit users.

In order to maximize its rising potential in the region, Reddit is launching its first-ever local marketing campaign, with its “Maybe Together We’ll” push now active throughout London, appearing at Tube stations, shopping centers and in street postings across several neighborhoods.

Reddit UK ad campaign

Reddit will also run the campaign on digital channels and OTT video, helping to boost awareness of the ongoing conversations happening in the app.

It’s still a way off the bigger players in terms of usage, but Reddit is rising, and with its push to remove some of its more controversial elements, and improve its moderation policies, it’s also working to better frame itself as a more valuable consideration for brands, facilitating exposure to niche, engaged audiences, which, if used well, can deliver strong response.

On this front, Reddit also recently added a new ad placement option, enabling brands to position their messaging in the comment section of posts. And while it may take users a moment to adjust, the comment chains are where Reddit sees the most engagement, which could make it a valuable brand awareness opportunity.

And the numbers don’t lie – 48% year-on-year growth can’t be overlooked. It won’t be for every business, but it’s clear that Reddit is expanding in more regions, which could provide new opportunities, and could be worth experimenting with over the holidays, and in your 2022 planning.

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