With Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month now underway, Snapchat has provided some new insights into how its users are planning to celebrate the event, as well as what they expect to see from brands in driving more inclusion.

As explained by Snapchat:

The Snapchat Generation is distinctly diverse and socially conscious, making this month an especially important time for our community.

Indeed, nearly half of the users surveyed indicated that they plan to observe Hispanic Heritage Month, with get-togethers, Latin food, and learning about Latin and Hispanic heritage high on the agenda.

Snapchat Latin Heritage Month research

As you can see here, Snapchatters will also be looking to support Latin-owned businesses, and on this front, specifically, Snapchat users are also looking for other brands to join in the event, and celebrate the Latin community.

“Nearly 60% of Snapchatters think it’s important for brands to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month, but it’s not enough for brands to engage for one month only. Snapchatters value long-term action.”

Snapchat Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month

Snapchat users also want to see brands creating content “that reflects the diversity of Hispanic and Latinx communities year-round”, while they also want brands to promote community members in their promotions.

“More than half of Snapchatters want brands to avoid stereotypes and cultural appropriation, indicating a need for brands to carefully consider the content they share or promote. Snapchatters also value brands that are willing to take a stand and use their platforms for good, with 43% looking for brands to amplify Hispanic and Latinx voices and initiatives.”  

Snapchat Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month

These are important pointers, which underline the rising sense of cultural awareness and inclusion within the Snapchat community. Which is also representative of younger demographics in general, with various studies showing that members of Gen Z want to see brands taking a stand on cultural issues, and using their voice to support minority communities, and other causes, to do their part in reducing division and angst.

In general, it does feel like we’re moving towards a place of greater inclusion, with the younger generation leading the way, but events like last year’s #BlackLivesMatter protests show that we still have a long way to go in healing past wounds, and bringing down existing barriers.

Which is why it is important for brands to show their support for events like this, and on Snapchat in particular, that’s increasingly relevant.

You can check out Snapchat’s full Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month overview here.

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