With September being the month of major fashion events, TikTok has today announced a new #TikTokFashionMonth program, which will highlight a range of fashion influencers in the app, and see the platform host various live-streams and events, aligning with community interest.

First off, TikTok has anointed ten of its most prominent fashion influencers as ‘Fashion & Beauty Frontrunners’ for the month, which will see these creators featured in dedicated Fashion Month activations, helping to showcase the latest trends and content to their audiences.

As explained by TikTok:

“From high fashion favorites to beauty gurus changing the glam game, these Fashion & Beauty Frontrunners always make a grand entrance, on and off TikTok, and deserve to be celebrated!

The selected creators represent a diverse spread of communities in the app, with TikTok aiming to showcase a more inclusive view of the broader fashion landscape, and help more communities link into the latest looks and trends.

TikTok’s also hosting several events throughout the month, which will include big name fashion celebrities and its own platform influencers.

Events include:

  • Get Ready with Me’ thrift edition with Victoria Paris (@victoriaparis) featuring new pieces from STAUD
  • Coffee break with Glow Recipe: Glow Recipe’s new product launch, including tips and skin consults with Dr. Angelo Landriscina (@dermangelo) and founders
  • Glam with Hourglass and Tatcha, with two make up creator activations
  • Balmain LIVE Runway

And finally, TikTok’s also adding some new, themed creative effects:

  • Rate My Outfit – Gives your outfit a random score, ranging from ‘fashion week icon’ to ‘fashion faux-pas’
  • Aesthetic Challenge – Creators are challenged to dress as the randomised aesthetic they receive, from cottagecore to emo, preppy and Y2K

The program will help to better engage TikTok users in the broader fashion showcase, and link into the latest trends and looks, while it will also help TikTok establish its place as a home for fashion content.

And as it looks to stretch further into eCommerce and in-stream buying, that could play a key role in maximizing the app’s opportunities in this respect.

TikTok has already hosted several live-stream shopping showcase events, while it’s also working on incorporating in-stream stores on user profiles, and sale items within video clips.

TikTok product display options

By further aligning with the latest fashion trends and influencers, TikTok could better position itself to maximize this element, which will be key to its future growth. Already, in-stream commerce is the primary revenue stream for the Chinese version of the app, ‘Douyin’, and as TikTok looks to provide more monetization options, in order to keep its top stars aligned to the platform, it’ll need direct revenue tools like this to provide more enticement and money-making potential.

So while its Fashion Month activation is linked into the broader, seasonal theme, it will also boost TikTok’s effort in building towards the next stage. And as the app becomes a more significant platform in more niche communities, that will also help to strengthen its audience base, and solidify its potential for growth.  

So it’s about more than just fashion in this respect, and it may well be worth tuning into the platforms various streams and activations to see where it might be headed on this front.

You can stay up to date with TikTok’s fashion events by following the #TikTokFashionMonth hashtag in the app.

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