Social networking has become an explosion for many people over the past 10 years. It didn’t start 10 years ago, but its genre became more household during that time.

For a majority, social networking takes the form of exchanging a few emails and checking up on Facebook to catch up on the latest news with friends and family, perhaps a spot of Windows Live Messaging. That’s pretty much where it stops for some, but that’s the tip of the iceberg for others. Security of this information often remains a distant afterthought.

As with social networking in real life, social networking on the internet can allow people to employ a myriad of different approaches to achieve a plethora of different objectives. Some people are naturally outgoing, bubbly and social where as others might be courting social activity for long term business gain or advantage. There are also companies, groups, individuals and organisations that are mostly focused on harvesting your personal details and information. We provide you with ways to protect and secure your details to prevent this from happening.

Here, we have no affiliation with any social network or security organisation/reseller. We are not sponsored by any social network, we receive no funding from any social network or security company; we are not owned by any social network or security consultancy. We are completely independent and completely unbiased.

Our objective here is to highlight the pitfalls and social security issues that are out there for the general public and seasoned professionals who utilise social networks, with a view to saving you making mistakes and falling victim to any bad stuff on the web.