Basic Instagram Security Tips

New to Instagram ? Here are a few basic tips you can use right now to secure your Instagram account: Pick a strong password. Use a combination of at least six numbers, letters and punctuation marks (like ! and &). It should be different from other passwords you use elsewhere on the internet. Change your […]

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Facebook Unblocked Your Blocked Contacts !

On Monday, Facebook revealed that a bug had affected the privacy settings of 800,000 users. The bug allowed users who’d been blocked on Facebook and Messenger to become unblocked — without those who blocked them knowing about it. Facebook call this a “bug”. Reports from Mashable, state that the lapse exposed content to blocked contacts for […]

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Top Ten Holiday Tech Scams & Security Tips To Avoid Them

Top Ten Holiday Scams & Security Tips To Avoid Them: Scam 1:  Don’t Post Your ‘Tick Pics – Excited about receiving the tickets for your festival or your cheeky 1 week all-inclusive holiday in Marbella ? Don’t share pics of those tickets online! Scammers search social media platforms looking for images of plane tickets, gig & […]

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THE BASICS: What Is Social Engineering ?

SOCIAL ENGINEERING – The art of human manipulation to extract information without the subject knowing. Social Engineering is typically used by scammers to get details such as passwords and credit card numbers, but also more subtle pieces of information that will allow an attacker to reach much further into your personal affairs. For example, if […]

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Twitter: Mute Users or Suspicious Followers

Many people follow a large amount of Twitter users, sometimes during a specific event (movie reviews, band gossip or an upcoming tv show) or sometimes to build a bigger and better Twitter profile. During or after this you might want to quieten down your timeline to cut out the random chatter without removing the few […]

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