The Scam Center

At Social Media Security, we highlight common & trending Scams, explaining how these work, what the hackers are after and what they are expecting you to do – all in simple language for everyone to understand.

We don’t stop there, as well as providing you guidance on how to protect yourself against them we help show you how to pick up the pieces if you are unlucky enough to fall victim to any of them.


Social Engineering

Social Engineering is the foundation of all cons and scams.

The art of social engineering is human hacking, to convince a person into believing a story, an identity and especially a scam.

Social Engineering performed over different communication methods has different names:

  • In PersonSocial Engineering
  • EmailPhishing
  • SMS / Text messaging – Smishing
  • Voicemail or Straight Voice / Telephone Call – Vishing




Phishing is a tactic deployed by hackers to trick you into giving away information or performing acions that you would not ordinarily do.

Delivered by email, phishing attacks are the root cause for the largest and most prolific hacks and data breaches to date.