ai.type leaks 31m users personal data

Android Keyboard App Leaks Data of 31 Million Users

Ai.type – the virtual keyboard app for Android has suffered a massive data breach. The company database was discovered unprotected online, exposing the names, phone numbers, locations and Google queries of its 31 million users. This discovery has again raised questions about the unacceptable and ridiculous amount of data that Android apps request and harvest from their […]

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lokibot banking trojan malware & ransomware

LokiBot – Android banking malware that turns into ransomware

New Android banking trojan malware called “LokiBot” comes with ransomware capabilities which are triggered if the user tries to disable the malware’s admin rights or when victims try to remove it. Once the ransomware feature is activated, LokiBot “encrypts” all of the victims’ data. The malware is also capable of stealing victims’ contacts, reading and sending SMS messages and […]

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FB Google Twitter Testify

FB, Google & Twitter Execs Explain Russian Paid US Election Ads

During the 2016 US election, it was rumoured that Russia had purchased adverts across popular social media platforms, targeting specific demographics of people and injecting content subject to their sensitivities – immigration, terror threats from some nationalities, racial social issues, gun control etc. All of these with the perceived intent to sway voting opinion from […]

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Why Watching Porn On Your Mobile Is a REALLY Bad Idea

Watching adult content on a mobile phone, particularly on Android devices potentially leaves yourself at risk of having your viewing habits, history and “preferences” being exposed and also catching a nasty dose of malware. The urge to have a cheeky peep at online porn from your ever handy smartphone might be hard to resist but […]

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