HeroRat – Android Malware

A new strain of Android malware has been discovered that exploits Telegram to communicate back to its masters converting the compromised device into part of a wider botnet. The malware runs on all Android versions: however, affected users need to accept permissions required by the app (sometimes including activating the app as device administrator), which […]

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WHAT IS: A Virus / Malware ?

A very basic explanation of computer virus is a program that can and will do bad things on your computer or electronic device. Computer viruses usually do one of a few things: Steal your personal information (like bank and credit card details, passwords, email addresses, photos etc.) Delete or change your personal information (like work […]

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lokibot banking trojan malware & ransomware

LokiBot – Android banking malware that turns into ransomware

New Android banking trojan malware called “LokiBot” comes with ransomware capabilities which are triggered if the user tries to disable the malware’s admin rights or when victims try to remove it. Once the ransomware feature is activated, LokiBot “encrypts” all of the victims’ data. The malware is also capable of stealing victims’ contacts, reading and sending SMS messages and […]

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Osama bin Laden Dead Pictures Are Virus Trap

This just in from the FBI’s department of the bleedin’ obvious: if someone emails you with pictures of Osama bin Laden’s bullet-riddled corpse, this is probably an attempt to compromise your computer with viruses rather than a public-spirited effort intended to confirm that he really is dead. According to the FBI announcement, which seems to […]

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