New Office365 Phishing Attack

Heads Up everyone, signs are that there are new Microsoft Office365 phishing emails on the rise. The new form found by Xavier Mertens (SANS), pretends to be an email non-delivery report (NDR). Clicking on the link sends you to a phishing site where users are prompted to enter their Microsoft Office365 username and password. […]

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Text, Text, Scam, Text…

Social Engineering scams up close and personal – don’t fall victim to this hack. Top Scams & Security Tips To Avoid Them: You’re on vacation, having a few drinks and laughs round the pool with a few folks you’ve just met. Things are going great, a few messages back and forth, a few youtube videos, […]

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Online Christmas scams

Watch Out For Shopping Season Scams

In the lead up to Christmas we are hitting full shopping season… Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas itself. This also means that its high season for scammers and hackers who treat this time of year as their biggest time of year, targeting shoppers during the shopping rush. Here’s a heads up on what […]

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TicketWeb Customer Database Hacked

Customers of UK ticketing agency TicketWeb, a subsidiary of TicketMaster, received phishing emails from the company over the weekend after its direct email marketing system was hacked. Users received an email that told them their current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader was out of date, and asked them to upgrade to the 2012 version. Within […]

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