Staff Ego’s & LinkedIn Oversharing Introduce A Massive Corporate Security Risk

Everybody loves to boast and brag about their work achievements, what they do, where they work and people they have worked with. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn & Xing are hotbeds for industry professionals to list their skillsets, connect with bosses, co-workers, ex-colleagues and future employers. Typically, members accounts contain a list of companies they […]

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Text, Text, Scam, Text…

Social Engineering scams up close and personal – don’t fall victim to this hack. Top Scams & Security Tips To Avoid Them: You’re on vacation, having a few drinks and laughs round the pool with a few folks you’ve just met. Things are going great, a few messages back and forth, a few youtube videos, […]

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The Chat-Up

Top Scams & Security Tips To Avoid Them: Your eyes meet across a crowded bar… The chat starts, “where’re you from”, you friend on Facebook, drinks flow and you get to know each other better. After connecting on Facebook, the hot guy or girl you are chatting to will start to get to know you […]

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THE BASICS: What Is Social Engineering ?

SOCIAL ENGINEERING – The art of human manipulation to extract information without the subject knowing. Social Engineering is typically used by scammers to get details such as passwords and credit card numbers, but also more subtle pieces of information that will allow an attacker to reach much further into your personal affairs. For example, if […]

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