Instagram Explains “7%” Filter Rumours

You may have seen a ton of “7%” posts around over the last few months, but it has been around January 2018; but instagram notes that its gathered more popularity lately gaining thousands of likes. It was claimed by many Instagram users that the platform only shows followers 7% of users posts and in order […]

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Women are attacked on Twitter every 30 seconds: Amnesty International

Women of color are most frequently targeted, according to Amnesty International. A study of tweets received last year by 778 female U.S. and U.K. journalists and politicians revealed that they were attacked on Twitter approximately every 30 seconds. The “Troll Patrol” project, a joint effort by Amnesty International and Element AI, a software product company, revealed that […]

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Vine founder and CEO Colin Kroll has died

Kroll, 34, died of an alleged drug overdose, according to TMZ. Kroll faced criticism throughout his career. At Vine, Kroll was fired for poor management, and had made some female colleagues uncomfortable with some of his behavior, Recode reported earlier this year. At HQ Trivia, his promotion to CEO came shortly after an employee filed a formal […]

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Twitter Could Soon Say Who To Unfollow

There have been sightings of Twitter recommending user accounts to UNFOLLOW. Slate confirmed this with Twitter but they refused to say if the new suggestions will be rolled out live. The test appears to be part of Twitter’s ongoing effort to boost engagement and user satisfaction by using software to personalize their feeds. The company’s timeline […]

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Friend or Foe

Friends can be worse than enemies.  Do you have a friend who is always on their phone, tweeting this, insta that, whatsapp groups with mutual friends, facebooking selfies, IM’ing pics of the bar you’re in, pinning the next bar or foursquaring the pre-drinks at YOUR apartment. All these are nearly excusable, except they are also […]

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Tumblr Users Hit With Viral Spam Hoax

It appears that nearly 150,000 Tumblr users were taken in by another chain-mail hoax this week. The speed of which it was able to spread comes from Tumblr’s Reblog feature, which is pretty much the same as Twitters Retweet function. The post spread across accounts warns that the users account will be deactivated if they […]

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THE BASICS: What is Twitter ?

Twitter is an internet based social network who’s main feature is that it allows users to post messages, pictures and short videos into a long ever flowing public message thread. Although that might sound hectic and confusing; its simplified somewhat in that users tend to search and post content on topic and content related focus. […]

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Old Posts Don’t Matter, Right ?

Yet another high profile Twitter user has been caught up in all shades of trouble because they didn’t clean house and sanitise their old posts and timeline. We were tempted to create a new category on the site called “Seriously ?”, we might still do that – but for now we’ll just highlight the issue […]

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