Twitter: Mute Users or Suspicious Followers

Many people follow a large amount of Twitter users, sometimes during a specific event (movie reviews, band gossip or an upcoming tv show) or sometimes to build a bigger and better Twitter profile. During or after this you might want to quieten down your timeline to cut out the random chatter without removing the few […]

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FB Google Twitter Testify

FB, Google & Twitter Execs Explain Russian Paid US Election Ads

During the 2016 US election, it was rumoured that Russia had purchased adverts across popular social media platforms, targeting specific demographics of people and injecting content subject to their sensitivities – immigration, terror threats from some nationalities, racial social issues, gun control etc. All of these with the perceived intent to sway voting opinion from […]

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Twitter Boosts User Safety

Twitter is taking action after a storm of complaints against social media companies for not doing enough to protect its users and their inability to police their own sites. Starting in later this month, Twitter is updating its collection of Twitter Rules. The changes begin on the 27.10.2017 by widening what they class as “non-consensual […]

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Twitter “Stalker App” Scam

A “Stalkers app” doing the rounds on Twitter is actually a phishing scam, security watchers warn. The Stalkers app, which purports to be officially sanctioned and to track people who are “stalking your Twitter”, is promoted via messages linking to the application, which does nothing except coax victims into handing over their usernames and passwords […]

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Profile Spy Worm Spreading Fast Over Twitter

Twitter has been struck by a virally spreading worm that attempts to make money by scamming users into filling out surveys and viewing advertisements. The rogue Twitter app is known as Profile Spy and gets installed by people who are tricked into believing it can tell them who has been viewing their online microposts. “Wow! See […]

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