I Spy Free WiFi

Top Scams & Security Tips To Avoid Them: We wrote in a previous article, Not all wifi networks are safe to use. As part of out holiday security tips series, we’ll explain why that innocent little “Free WiFi” sign could spell BIG trouble for you. Yeah we all do it, step into a cafe, restaurant […]

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Tip – Don’t Let Free Wifi Cost You

Free Wifi – Too Good To Be True ? Yes we all like a deal don’t we – especially when we travel. But always be wary of free wifi hotspots, but probably not for the reasons you might think… When talking security and free internet access – most experts will rightly warn you away from […]

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KRACK – All WPA2 Wifi Devices Can Be Hacked

With the KRACK vulnerability publicized this week, anyone who uses a Wi-Fi-enabled device may be at risk for sharing unencrypted traffic with potential attackers who bypass WPA2 network security. The WPA2 security protocol is used by routers and devices to encrypt people’s activity. Attackers who want to exploit the newly revealed weakness could steal sensitive data […]

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