Welcome to Social Media Security, or as we call it SocMeSec !

We passionately believe in helping people stay safe on the internet and social media platforms.

We try to explain the threats ordinary people and businesses face online, breakdown the jargon and provide guidance on the steps everyone can take to protect themselves.

The internet has become an every more important part of peoples lives, regardless of the country they live in, their wealth or jobs – more and more people depend on the the internet every day, but not everyone recognises or understands the risks they can face. We set these out and bring you up to speed.

Here you’ll find regular tips to help keep safe as well as news about apps and platforms that you will probably use every day on the internet.

Stay Safe Everyone.



Phishing email are SPAM emails sent through to someone aimed at enticing them to open a virus ridden attachment, to follow a link to a scam website or to trick people into confidence schemes and scams.

Visit our section on Phishing to learn more about the tricks and tactics used by cyber-criminals to get access to your private information.

Parenting is tricky at the best of times, but parenting in the age of social media, dating sites, online pornography and exploitation can easily become overwhelming.

We look at the sensitive issues surrounding social media interaction and what parents can watch out for.

Data Breaches on companies are where hackers break into websites, apps or computer systems to steal customers personal data. 

At SocMeSec we list notable data breaches that impact social media platforms, users and popular apps that you may be using.


Christmas, Thanksgiving & New Years Sales are excellent times to pick up a bargain both in the stores / malls and online. You’ll be flooded with messages, ads and emails offering you fantastic deals – but scammers know this too and its also an ideal time for them to cash in too !

Check out our Scam Centre on detecting and avoiding online scams.